Monday, September 28, 2009

Diaper Cake

These are so very cute when finished and so easy to make! Don't let the look intimidate you. You too will find that it is very simple to do. The best thing about it is that no two cakes ever turn out the same because it all depends on what you decide to add to it to make it your own design. Below I will post instructions and you will be making them yourself in no time!

1 cardboard cake round (can be purchased at joanns or walmart)
56 pack of newborn or size one diapers ( the smaller the diapers, the smaller the cake - this particular one is size one diapers)

56 small rubberbands

3 large rubber bands or enough yarn to tie around each layer

3 blankets or recieving blankets in coordinating colors

T pins or diaper pins to hold blanket layers in place

3pk of newborn socks
5pk of baby washcloths

Assorted other baby items for decorations - your choice

3 1/2 yards of 3" wide ribbon (color coordinate with blankets)

3 1/2 yards of 1" wide ribbon

To begin with you can either leave your cardboard cake round white or paint it either pink or blue.

Take diapers and roll each one from the top to the bottom so that they make a nice cylindrical shape, put a small rubber band around the middle of each one to hold shape - once you are done rolling you are going to take 28 for bottom layer, 19 for middle layer and 9 for top layer. As you pull all the diapers together in a layer, wrap a large rubber band around them to keep in place, making sure that you turn all diaper edges to the inside and that overall appearance is round.

Now, you are going to take the blankets and fold each one to where they are at their longest. You are going to want the blanket to cover the entire diaper, with about 1/2 inch of the blanket standing above the top of the diaper layer. This is so that the next layer will sit down inside the previous layer. Do the same for middle and top layers. You will secure each blanket in the back with Tpins or diaper pins. Some people choose to use a wooden dowel carefully inserted through all three layers in order to hold the layers in place, but sometimes I just use double sided sticky tape as I did with this particular cake.

You will want to cut each of the ribbon together to fit each separate layer. You can choose to hot glue these to hold in place, making sure not to get glue on blankets or you can opt to use no ribbon at all, it is still just as cute. There should be plenty of ribbon left over to make your bow.

Now it is time to decorate the layers. As you can see, I did baby washcloths on bottom layer by just placing them inside of the ribbon layer second layer of socks I held in place with double sided tape, by placing part inside the sock and the rest over the top edge of the baby blanket.
I sat the spoons, nasal aspirator, teething ring and medicine dropper between the top layer and the inside of the middle layer blanket. Shoes I put on top as a topper and then the piggy washcloth I attached with tape to make him look like he was hugging the cake. On the back side, I added the diaper wipe case that I personalized with vinyl, and two newborn baby t'shirts. And that is it... super simple, so give it a try next time you need a fun shower gift. This one was totally the hit of the baby shower, which I forgot to mention was for my cousins oldest daughter who is having her first baby, a girl named Kaiya! Everyone marveled over the work that they thought went into it and raved about how cool it was to have everything personalized! A gift well worth taking the time to do :) TFL

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