Saturday, December 22, 2012

More Christmas gifts

Think I am finally done making gifts! I was a little worried there for a moment that there wasn't going to be enough time in the day to make what I needed to get done.  But thankfully it's all finished and all in all I am pretty happy with the way things turned out.  I did 13 double walled glasses w/straws for Rick's/our Davita family.  24 Redneck wine glasses for Rick's and my family memebers.  Another 6 Double walled glasses w/straws, 2 coffee mugs, and 2 water bottles for Rick's side of the family!  It has been a busy few days!  TFL

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Boise State Bronco Gift set

Rick's Cousin and his family are huge Boise State Bronco fans. So, I did this gift set for them for Christmas, and even got lucky enough to find some Boise State Bronco Tortilla chips to throw in as well! TFL




More teacher gifts

My grand kids needed a quick gift for their teachers so I did these cups with the schools mascot on one side and the teachers names on the other. I am happy how they turned out for being a quick project. I filled them with a variety of drink mixes and then made little flags to slide onto the straw that say, "Thank you for quenching my thirst of knowledge". tfl


Teacher Gifts

My youngest grand daughter is in head start and she has 4 teachers...lucky grammy got to make the gifts for them lol. I bought two really cute melamine plate and bowls that matched at the dollar store. turned the bowls upside down, glued them to the bottom of the plate and had an instant cookie serving tray to which we added Christmas colored oreos (red) then wrapped them in some cute plastic gift bags and tied them with a personalized ornament for each teacher. quick easy and fun...but then, I was informed that she has two main teachers but that she has 4 teachers in her room so back to the store I go for two more sets only they didn't have any more that matched...they had the bowls.. no plates.. I was freaking out wondering what I could do.. I ventured over to the regular dish area and found two plates that kinda sorta matched, they had red, green and blue stripes around the rim with a white center. They actually looked just as cute, but evidently I didn't take a pic of them before sending them out. tfl

Dog Treat Jar

I originally bought this jar for my ex husband because he has a huge stash of candy that he always has on hand for the grand kids, but has nothing to keep it in. I was going to vinyl it up with some little saying about Poppa's treats, but then he calls me and says that he bought a jar to keep his candies in.. .I was like..oh you did? lol and turns out it is idential to the jar I got...sooooo I thought ok, I'll just vinyl it for his dog instead as he keeps almost as many treats on hand for her as he does the grands! Anyway this is how it turned out. tfl.

Christmas for Barbie

Coby decided to turn the attic of the barbie house he made for his sisters into a Christmas setting.  A fantastic artist, seamstress and miniatures artisan gave Coby a Christmas tree that was in 1/6 scale (barbie's scale) along with several sets of clothes that she had made quite some time back.  Coby decided to make a bead garland for the tree and wrap the barbie clothes for the girls and place them under the tree so that when they open their present, each of them will have two more presents to open that contain 4 barbie outfits.  What a great idea, a present inside the present!  Am so excited for the girls to be able to open their gift on Christmas morning.  It's going to be a very exciting Christmas. You can't see it but there is a beautiful golden handmade Star of David that adorns the top of his beautiful little Christmas tree!  Thank you Cheryl Empson for helping to make Coby's gift to his sisters even more special!

On another note, I have so so many posts to make, but unfortunately they are all about the Christmas gifts that I handcrafted this year for my family, freinds and Davita Family.  Once they are all given out, I will have alot to blog about :)  Until then, Here's wishing you and your's a very Merry Christmas and an even bigger and Brighter New Year!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Kitchen Completed

Doll house is finished, and Coby and I finally got the kitchen done.  The bathroom pieces are in the oven baking as I write this... will blog about it after they are out, cooled and place in the bathroom.
We printed off a 3D stove and refrigerator onto some heavy yellow cardstock with black printing and placed them in the Kitchen.  We made the kitchen table from a bevel edged octagonal mirror glued (E6000) to a crystal candlestick for the base of the table.  It turned out quite pretty.  For the chairs, we used the ends of a wire hanger, snipped off and bent into the shape of a chair.  For the seat and chair back, we used heavy duty cardboard wrapped in white naugahyde. (fake leather)  They turned out so cute.  We liked the second pic because it caught the lights of our tree in the reflection.  Not may days left until Christmas, but I think we're going to make it!  TFL

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

No More Store for now....

Just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who have been loyal customers throughout the past few years.
A few months back I recieved some emails from a person, who shall remain nameless, wanting me to give her all of my contact information so that she could make and give away my files in another cutter format.  She  became quite angry and couldn't understand why I was not ok with this as she wasn't going to "sell" the files but rather give them away to her cutters group and friends.  When I refused, she started telling others on a private group page that I didn't have permission and that I was lying about having said permission.  It just so happened that a good and loyal friend, sent me the posts through email to bring it to my attention since I wasn't there to defend myself and I understand she has caused alot of problems for other small business owners as well.   I contacted the woman and asked her to cease talking about me or I would bring a lawsuit against her.  She sent back a flurry of angry emails and told me that she was still going to seek permission to do this on her own and told me that she had contacted the company regarding my website.  Well to make an even longer story short, last month, I got a phone call from an attorney for Wilton, who is the parent company of EKSuccess Brands who is also the parent company of Inkadinkado stamps.  They asked me to send them the permission, which thank God, I kept.  Today I recieved another phone call letting me know that I needed to take down the website until such time that I email Wilton with the serial numbers of all of the stamps that I plan on using.  Many of you know that this business has been my only source of income for the past year since my boyfriend had been diagnosed with end stage renal failure.  This income allowed me to be able to transport him to his Dialysis sessions and not have to worry about missing work to do so.  I just hope that She is happy with herself and the outcome that she has transpired as a result of her actions.
But, all in all, I have to tell you that I still feel Blessed.  I know that everything will turn out just fine and even if I am not granted a second permission to reopen the store, I am a very resourceful person and I will survive, irregardless of the actions of this woman. You can bend me...but I won't break!!!  I am also blessed that I got to know so many of my customers on a deeper level.
Thank you all for everything, and if you are the praying type...please keep me in your prayers!
Thanks again,

Star Cookie Trees

Had my grand kids over for the weekend and we made these cute cookie trees!  These are the softest cookies ever!  You can find the recipe we used HERE (we tinted our dough a bright green). Since each tree takes 21 cookies, we tripled the batch.  I am sure this will be a new go to recipe in our home as they are super easy and just taste so good!  You don't want to roll them too thick either as they rise quite a bit!  The recipe called for a regular sugar cookie glaze, but we decided that cookies that soft and yummy needed a yummy cream cheese frosting to make them even more delectable...but we wanted our frosting to be a bit more Christmasy flavored, so we added 2 tsp of pumpkin pie spice and a tsp of orange flavoring.  I kid you not when I tell you that our frosting tastes just like the orange glaze that comes with the Orange Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls.  It's the kind of frosting that once it hits your mouth, you have that surreal moment when you just think you are in heaven! lol  The trees were made to be part of our Christmas dinner Centerpieces (of course they will be removed from the plates and placed among some greenery), We had a small amount of leftover dough, we made 40 miniature gingerbread men so the kids could sample their wares.  They were bite sized...and there were absolutely no gingerbread men left by the end of the day...they were THAT good!  TFL  and hope you are all having fun making memories with your little ones as well!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sign for my daughter

My daughter turned 28 today, Dec.6th, and I made this sign for her as one of her birthday presents. I love this sign as it is so true of any mother and their is an unbreakable bond of love that cannot be measured!  TFL

Last and Littlest, but definitely not the least

A few weeks ago, it was Indika's turn to make her gifts for her siblings.  For her bother, she chose to make some very simple mini marshmallow shooters.  She had a blast putting them together, and then of course before she wrapped them up, she had to make sure they worked!!! lol

For her sisters, she made some headbands with pretty bows made from wired ribbon so that they would hold their shape.  She had a hard time wrapping these up for her sisters because she wanted to keep them up for herself! lol I finally convinced her that I was sure her sisters would share them with her once they were opened and let her wear them too! lol