Friday, October 10, 2014

Halloween Wreath

This is the finished wreath that I made.  It came out ok, but I really think if I were to do another one, I would definitely put the papers, web an spider towards the back side of the deco mesh rather than on the top side.  That way it would give it more depth and the spider would be laying flat against the wall instead of just hanging out there in space lol..
I started with a metal wreath base and black pipe cleaners (to attach the deco mesh) from the dollar store, then got the deco mesh, assorted halloween printed papers and the felt web all from Hobby Lobby.  If I were home, I would have cut my own web...but it was only 1.29 so pretty affordable.  Mesh, was on sale for 5.59 and the papers were 4 for a dollar so it was a very inexpensive wreath to make  The Spider cost me less than 2 dollars to make so all in all it was about $11.00 to make this wreath...not bad.  Please note this was my first attempt ever at using deco  not as easy as it looks to make the loops uniform, but it was fun to dabble with.  TFL