Friday, February 24, 2012

Bath Time Finger Paints

Two of my Grandchildren have birthdays tomorrow and I found this really neat idea for bath time finger paints that I have been wanting to try out.  What better reason than to be part of a birthday present! :)  The recipe was super simple all it takes is 1/3 cup of liquid soap, 1 tablespoon of  corn starch and a few drops of food coloring.  I used a clear shampoo instead of liquid soap and it turned out really well with some nice vivid colors.  Upon stirring it together, the mixture had a very gelatinous consistency and to be honest, I wanted to go play with it lol...guess I will have to wait to see how the kids like it! :)  I found these really cute lil containers with snap lids at the dollar store.  They came in a pack of three and miraculously held exactly 1/3 cup of the mix.  I thought about putting some cute vinyl embellishments on them, but thought it probably wouldn't last long in a bath!  TFL

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another Gift card holder and a Birthday Card

After I made my gift card holder, my boyfriend asked me to make one for him to give to his little cousin as well. I said I would as I had just picked up a very cute music themed file from the Friday Freebies at My Scrap Chick that would work perfect with the Itunes gift card he bought her. I added a 2 inch deep pocket at the bottom and a 1/2 inch strip,of the circle patterned paper, in the middle to hold the gift card. As I was getting ready to leave, his Aunt (the birthday girl's Grandmother) said she had forgot to pick up a card and asked if I would have time to make one more birthday card. I told her I would. Below are the results. Mackenzie was almost more excited about the handmade cards than she was with the itunes cards Rick and I got her, and the cash her grandmother gave her! lol TFL

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Large Gift card holder

I have a birthday party to attend tomorrow for a brand new teenager, so I figured I would just get her an i-Tunes gift card.  I saw this really cute little gift card holder on the Paper Perfect Designs blogspot.  It is for a normal size card and the i-tunes gift cards are like 4x6 size, so I just pretty much made my own pattern for the gift card by cutting a 4.5x12" rectangle with rounded edges.  Then embellishing the outside with some pretty paper.  I decided to put some ink around the inner circle and I really don't like how it looks because it makes the circle seem like it is lopsided lol...ah well guess it will do :)  TFL


Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I made several items for Valentines day, even a gift for myself! :)
First off, I found the most incredible site called "Made by Julene" Julene is a British artist who does the most amazing and intricate paper cutting that I have ever seen!  I fell in love with so many of her designs and wondered what they would look like in vinyl so I emailed her and asked her permission to be able to convert some of her art into scalable vector graphics just to use for my own personal use and for the occasional gifts.  She was very gracious and granted me permission to do so!  Yay, I had to try one out right away!  LOL the less intricate of the bunch, and it still took me a while to weed, but I love how it turned out and will add it to my seasonal valentines decorations.  It turned out so pretty, but my darn flash is just so bright! :(  maybe next time I will photograph it without the glass in it to cut down on the glare.

the next project was a heart flap box that I got from the Scrapping Table.  It is just very simple but cute and I will give it to my dad filled with Hershey's Kisses.

the last project I undertook this evening, was these cute little matchbook notepads that I made to put into my valentines cards for my friends.  The pattern came from My Scrap Chick.  TFL and I hope you all have a very wonderful, Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My grandkids and I did their classroom valentines today.  They turned out pretty cute, all that is left to do is to put the tags on Lylli's rings.  The rings were made with pipe cleaners and Hershey's Kisses.  The boy's will say, "Happy Valentines, here is a sweet ring fit for a King" and the girls will say the same except for Queen at the end :)
Coby's valentines were the most time consuming, the back was printed image and the front side robot bodies are made from assorted Hershey mini candy bars and the heads are made with assorted starbursts, giving them some interesting pops of color! :) lol tfl

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentine Gift for Teachers

My grandkids are really into doing crafts with their I told them they could each make their own valentines present for their teachers.  We decided to try a cool project that I saw somewhere online but can't really remember where at the moment :( sorry ....anyway, we used alcohol inks, a can lid, a 2 inch strip of glossy photo paper, some sheer ribbon, glue tape and a 3 inch red pillar candle.  These are how they turned out...tfl

Mugs for Annual Fire Banquet

One of my friends is a firefighter and every year they have an Annual Fire Banquet/fundraiser.  He asked me to make some mugs for this years benefit.  He really didn't have any preference as to what he wanted on them, so I decided I would just do three different maltese crosses with the fire emblems on them.  These are the three that I decided to do.  The first mug, in case you can't read it, says Courage, Respect, Tradition, Honor.  The basic pic that I used was from a color page.  I will also be doing 30 car decals for him as well.  TFL