Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wedding Tile

"Auntdooz" made a tile with this sentiment that one of her customers found on Pinterest.  I fell in love with it when I saw it and decided to make one for my Son and Daughter in Law  with their names and wedding date on it (they got married last night).  They absolutely loved it! 
Thanks again to Auntdooz for showing the tile on the Smartbuygal Forum!  It made the perfect present!

Bridal Party Glasses

I did these bridal party glasses for my daughter in law to be to give to her girls!  I found a  color page that had this cool dress and decided to try to put each girls name in the split front.  I kinda like the way they turned out!  To finish them off I added a rhinestone bracelet wrapped in white tissue paper, used champagne colored ribbon to tie them off  and placed them inside the champagne flutes :) TFL

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Winner!!!! :)

Thank you to all of those who took advantage of the Snow sale.  The winner of the ten free svg's of your choice was chosen by  Your number was issued in accordance with the order you purchased svg's during this sale.
The random winner is none other then Debbie Gustafson! :)  Thanks Debbie, and Congrats!  I am sending you a confirmation email in a few moments.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


It's finally going to snow here in my neck of the woods, so I thought I would have a snow sale.  All SVG's on either store will be buy two, get one free for the next week!  Sale starts today January 17th and runs until Tuesday January 24th!. 
Choose your svg's and then in the "instructions to seller" write down your free choices, or email them to me at
One lucky buyer will recieve 10 free images in a random draw.  Winner will be posted and notified on the 25th!

Happy Snow days to you all!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Flower Pin

This was my first ever attempt at using the Adirondack alcohol inks. After watching a few of the Tim Holtz videos on you-tube, I decided to try this out. I used the Spellbinders Daisy Patch die cut to cut the flowers out of a soda can with my Cuttlebug. The ink colors I chose were Stream, Cranberry and Eggplant. I stamped on the silver inside of the can. I then poked a small hole in the middle of each flower and used a tiny pink brad to hold them together. Then I simply glued a pin on the back of the flower and here is the result. TFL

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Match book Wedding Favors

I made 250 of these little match book favors for my son's wedding.  They were so quick, easy and inexpensive! 

12x12 patterned paper - one page makes 14 favors
paper cutter
individually wrapped mints of your choice (flat mints work best...such as starlight mints, or lifesaver peppermint, spearmint or wintergreen)

Cut first strip of paper 12x2 inches, cut the rest of the paper in 2x10 strips (you can cut 2 inches off of the 12x2 strips so that all strips are 2x10).  Once all papers are cut, open up word, change the page layout to a custom size of 2x10 size, with margins set to .25 or 1/4 inch all the way around, then click ok, you should now be able to see your printing area as a 2x10 inch space. Click on center to center text and use all caps.  Before you begin typing, skip one line (this will give you the space you need for the flap closure)  Ok to follow my example you will type the following:
You will then hit return 2 times  and type:
They are now ready to print.  Once you have printed them, you are going to cut them at 5 inches long.
you are now ready to score them.  With the first score being on the "Thank you" end of the strip, you will score at 4 5/8, then 2.5 and 2 inches.  Now you are ready to fold them on the score lines.  after you have creased the folds, open the match book with the white side facing you, place a mint inside the center of the closure flap and staple it, making sure to staple it low enough to allow for the top closure flap to be able to close.  fold your top closure and tuck it in like you would a normal book of matches and there you have it! :) 

Now I just did mine pretty plain and simple, but you could use these for a host of well as adding other embellishments whatever you like.  Hope you enjoyed this short tutorial

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wedding Invitations

Went to JoAnn's in early Dec to get the papers to make my son's wedding invitations (colors are Chocolate brown and Champagne)...did you know that they only carry 20 sheets of any one color at a time? I know it now! To make a long story short, we cleaned them out of every color of brown cardstock that they had and that only totalled 82 sheets so we had to go to another store to try and find some more brown cardstock. No 12x12 to be found anywhere close to my small town so we ended up settling for the smaller sheets of a very pretty chocolate brown. I made 150 all total. TFL
Front of 5x7 tri-fold invitation
inside of 5x7 invitation
Smaller 4x5 invitation

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Good Friend

My friend turned 61 today, I taught both of her children when they were in preschool and I babysat for her off and on throughout the years. Now her children are adults with children of their own! Throughout the years we have lost each other for short periods of time as our lives played out but we always seem to find one another again through all the moves and changes in our own lives. She has some very serious medical conditions that keep her house bound so she lives for coffee and friends who drop by on occassion. I used my "Good Friend" File to make her this birthday present and dropped by to visit for a bit today! :) TFL