Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wedding Invitations

Went to JoAnn's in early Dec to get the papers to make my son's wedding invitations (colors are Chocolate brown and Champagne)...did you know that they only carry 20 sheets of any one color at a time? I know it now! To make a long story short, we cleaned them out of every color of brown cardstock that they had and that only totalled 82 sheets so we had to go to another store to try and find some more brown cardstock. No 12x12 to be found anywhere close to my small town so we ended up settling for the smaller sheets of a very pretty chocolate brown. I made 150 all total. TFL
Front of 5x7 tri-fold invitation
inside of 5x7 invitation
Smaller 4x5 invitation


  1. Very pretty. I love the richness of the color.

  2. Thanks Leeann, I'm just glad they are all finished and mailed! :)