Sunday, November 16, 2014

Chicken, Pork & Beef Rubs

My daughter in law and I decided to put together some Chicken, Pork and Beef rubs to give as gifts for the Christmas season.  We did this because there is always that someone that you really want to know that you are thinking about them, but don't always have alot of money to spend.  We made these very economical and very practical gifts to give because who doesn't love to cook or eat?  We started out with the 3 oz square containers from Dollar Tree and then went to Winco to buy the bulk spices!  I of course added the vinyl of a cow, pig and chicken (rooster) to the containers and filled them with the rubs we made (You can find the recipes here), stacked them in cute little threes and then tied them together them with some pretty glittered ribbon.  We will add Christmas tags to them before giving them away!  What a useful, quick and easy gift to give that favorite someone.  If you want to expand on the idea, you could always give a gift card, to the person, for their favorite meat store.  TFL
 Close up of the containers
Stacked and ribboned.