Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sharpie Marker Tye Dye

Ran across a cool little pic on Pinterest that I just knew I had to try with my grandkids.  Sharpie Marker Tye Dye.  It was super simple and the kids had a blast with it.  All it takes is sharpies, a white shirt, red solo cups, rubber bands, an eye dropper (I used an old medicine dropper), some rubbing alcohol and a little imagination.  The shirts of course varied in art skills with the ages. I loved how they all turned out, but was pretty impressed with the Poke balls that my grandson drew on his, though it is hard to make them out in the pic, they are very cool in person, they turned out so neat looking lol.  The second one was done by my 6 yr old grand daughter, she made a catepillar, though it's hard to see his little face lol, the third was done by my 5 yr old gd.  She asked for help with the leaves, but the flowers was all her own artwork.  My 4 yr old did the circles for what was to be her kite... lol but she accidentally flipped her shirt in half.. so we have some interesting markings, but she still had fun.  TFL  Oh btw, the mess was very very minimal, almost non existent because all of the alcohol is caught in the solo cups.

Unicorn Pillow Pet

My grandaughter just turned 4 this July.  When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday she said she wanted a pillow like her brother's because it's soft and he never shares it with her.  When my grandson turned three, (7 years ago) I crocheted him a doggy pillow and he still sleeps with it today!  So off I went to the world wide web in search of the perfect pattern to fill her request!  I found the perfect pattern for a cute little unicorn pillow pet on the Crafty-Anna Blogspot.  Well it was a little boyish looking to me and this was for my darling lil girly girl grandaughter so I changed colors, and made my own mane and tail, as I didn't care for the mane and tale that went with the pattern.  I also modified the body as I wanted a pillow and not the fold up pillow pet.  Anyway this is how it turned out and she is tickled pink with it.. no pun intended.  :)  TFL

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Time again for my annual Christmas in July Sale. Buy two, get one free.  You can mix and match from either site.  If it is easier for you, you can just write down the files you want and I can send you an invoice.  I know the site is not the easiest to navigate.  Anyway, for the free files please put the file you want in the "instructions to seller" and I will get them to you right away or you can just email them to me as well.  Hope you are all having a great summer! 


Sorry I haven't posted in a while...life has been so hectic.  I have had these mugs done for quite a while, just haven't found time until now to post them.
The first set was done for some friends of my daughter who are very into playing the game "War Commander on Facebook. Their alliance is called "The Grey Star Alliance" and a few of the members wanted to have a mug to commemorate thier game status, so here is the pic of those:
back side

front first half

front second half

This next set was done for a friend to give as a housewarming gift. 

back side

front side