Thursday, September 19, 2013

Giving back to the Community

There is a very special little girl in our community who has seizures. They have reached the point to where she could lose her life if medication is not administered fast enough. The family of this little girl needs to buy her a special dog that will be able to alert parents and her teachers of an impending seizure up to one half hour before the seizure comes on. The problem with this is that the dog costs appx $13,000.00. Our community is coming together with several fundraisers to help this sweet little girl, one of them being a silent auction. I thought since Halloween is just right around the corner, I would make these two Decorative Halloween Signs to donate to the silent auction. TFL

Monday, September 9, 2013

Fabric Christmas Tree Ornament

I had seen these on pinterest and really loved the look of them, but...I hate sewing lol, I will do it if I have to but it's definitely not my favorite thing to do.  Anyway, the original pattern has all this sewing that I really cut down on.  In the original pattern you fold the circle in half, right sides facing, sew outer edge of the circle to nearly the top, turn it all right side out, iron in place then fold and iron again and sew any imbellishments to it that you want. Not this girl!  I decided to skip all that prior sewing and ironing. I folded it, ironed it and then sewed rickrack to the outer edge, covering up the edge of the fabric so you don't see it.  I added some more rickrack to the top for a hanger.  Much easier, and in a fraction of the time..  I like how it looks and am happy with it. :)  TFL

Business Decals

Recently cut some custom decals for a friend of mine. Tried to convince him to let me put a little more realistic and not so cartoonish looking man inside a whirlwind dust storm, but he wanted it to be exactly like the logo on his business cards.  So this was the result, the logos are on both sides of the van.  He was pleased as punch and now wants me to make 4 magnet logos for their vehicles.  YAY! lol :)  TFL