Saturday, August 22, 2009

Another Etched Mug

My cousin saw the mugs that I did for the guys and asked me if I would consider doing one for her mother-in-law to be who is a huge Kansas City Cheifs fan. She has a birthday coming up the first week in september so I did this for her. I think it turned out pretty nice, I made sure that all the edges were sealed down tight this time so we didn't have another Greenbay incident :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Blog Hop at The Character Cafe

Hey for all of you that don't already know there is a blog hop that they do over at The Character Cafe - Besides seeing the work of some amazingly talented women, you also get a code for 30% off of the purchase in their store, also you get a free pattern and then, if you follow the blog hop from beginning to end, and leave a comment on each blog you visit in the blog hop, you will be entered into a drawing for some really awesome prizes as well! The inspiration alone is worth making the hop, and when you add in the chance to win, well that is just icing on an already perfect cake! Check it out, you won't be sorry!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tip for booboo's when etching

I just learned from Kut-N-Print and Blue Eyed Bug on the Cricut MB that clear nail polish will fix/cover the minor mess ups on etched glass, such as the blob on the G in greenbay below. :) Thanks Ladies, I will try that!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Etched Glass Mugs

I found these really cool mugs, very heavy, at the dollar store and decided to etch a couple for some friends of mine whose favorite teams happen to be the SF 49ers and the Greenbay Packers. They turned out ok...but as you can see, the vinyl was evidently not sealed down tight enough because I have a small blob at the edge of the G, live and learn. The guys didn't mind though and they absolutely loved them! I put some black vinyl inside of the mugs so they would photograph better.

Butterfly Project

I was just reading the Christmas craft post over on the Cricut MB when I came across this project and thought it was well worth sharing. I am going to start crafting some butterflies right now! Please join me in this project, it is so worth it! I'll post pictures of my creations when they are done :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Halloween Swap part two

Here is the reversible mini book that I did for my second spot in the "Halloween - Anything but a card swap" on the cricut raks, swaps and crops board. I added some decorative papers but didn't want to add any other embellishments as I know that everyone has their own ideas of how to personalize it for their own families! Hope they enjoy!

Altered Canvas

On a recent trip to Utah, I saw an altered canvas very similar to this one in a very trendy expensive store. I loved it and made my friend Julie text the saying to me so I wouldn't forget it by the time I got back to Idaho. Being the crafty person I am, I knew I could do it for much less! I really like how it turned out, but I think I am going to find a really nice frame for it.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Halloween Swap

Below are the 5 signs that I made for the "Halloween - anything BUT a card swap" being hosted my Jes aka Munkee. I am very excited as I love crafting and this is my very first swap. I hope the girls enjoy the signs as much as I enjoyed making them! Creativity is Blissful!

Wooden Halloween Signs