Sunday, November 20, 2011

Crocheted Neck Warmer

I crocheted this neck warmer with the pineapple crochet shape for the ends of the scarf, but due to the long fur, It is really hard to see the pattern unless you examine it close up. I used regular redheart yarn in black along with a single strand of the fringe yarn to make it furry and fuller. It is really pretty in person. The picture doesn't do it much justice. I didn't really have a pattern to follow except for the pineapple part. I winged the rest of it. One end actually threads through the area just above the other end.   One more Christmas present down!  TFL

Friday, November 18, 2011

Here are a few tiles that I did as Christmas presents.  I really like how the elk one turned out! :)

HTV T-Shirt

Here is another tshirt that will be a Christmas present.  I did this for my 3 year old grandson, I thought it was kinda funny :)  TFL

Monday, November 7, 2011

HTV School Shirt

At my granddaughter's primary school they have "Pirate Friday" every single friday throughout the year. It helps the kids develop a sense of pride and gets them involved in school spirit. On Friday's the kids are encouraged to wear Red & black to show their school spirit, so I decided to make her a Pirate shirt as a Christmas present. Hope she likes it. The Pirate is on the front of the "Red" shirt which looks kinda "Pink" in the pic (I need a new camera I think!), and the back side has her last name on it. TFL

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Family Tile

Just a simple marble tile that I did for some friends of mine for Christmas. TFL

Car Decal

My son is a huge sportsman. His life revolves around hunting and fishing and being in the great outdoors! I did this car decal for him as a Christmas present. TFL

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Crocheted Blanket

This is a Christmas present for my son. As each of my new grandchildren are born, I make them a special blanket as a keepsake. Last year my son asked me why I never made him a blanket, I told him that I did when he was little, to which he replied, "well I want one now that I am big" I thought he was joking and asked him if he was serious and he said, "yes, I am always getting yelled at in the winter by the kids because I steal thier blankets you made them because they are so warm" I just kinda laughed and said, "whatever" So I thought I would supprise him and make him is own "Big Boy" blanket for him to cuddle with...LOL anyway here is what I did for him.
The pattern was kind of fun and was done in granny squares, but in a very different way so that when sewn together, it appears to have dark and light diagonal strips from corner to corner.  I used 6 different colors in the blue family.  TFL