Saturday, November 17, 2012

Owl and Pillow Monster

Lylli finished her bother and little sister's Christmas Presents today. She made a large owl for her brother in his favorite color, her younger sister had already made one for him that was small, chubby and blue. She said that his little blue owl would need a big brother to watch over it and we should have put a bow on the little blue one.  She told me that the owl was so much fun to make because you  just have two lines to sew!  She had fun and wanted to keep him when she was

We were looking for something relatively simple to sew, since she is only 6, when we came across these really cute pillow monsters on the Whimsical Whimsies.Com blog.  This is Lylli's own version of what she wanted the monster to look like for her littlest sister.  TFL

Thursday, November 15, 2012

UPDATED: Upcycled Doc McStuffins Christmas Present

My 5 year old grandaughter loves Doc McStuffins, so for Christmas her 6 year old sister made her an upcycled Doc McStuffins Doctor set.
The upper part of the stethoscope was made from an old head band that she wrapped with ribbon and then put the white felt pieces on the end to make it soft for the ears.   The ribbon and the felt pieces were attached with permanent double sided tape by Scotch Brand.  Lylli braided some doubled green yarn for the connector and for the actual stethoscope, with my cricut, we cut two circles from the glitter foam in white, a bandaid from the tan which Lylli colored the square piece with a pink highlighter to make it look a bit more realistic, then a red heart for the bandaid out of red glitter foam.  I used the deep cut blade and it worked like a charm.

Lylli thought we needed a blood pressure cuff to round out the gift, so we cut a rectangle out of brown felt.  I asked her what could we use for the squeeze part to which she replied, "Grammy we have all those pop and lock beads that we don't  play with anymore."  So I told her to go to the toy box and see what she could find.  I just happened to have some clear tubing from when my boyfriend was in the hospital for his knee surgery and I kept it knowing that it could be useful in the future.  It fit the pop lock bead opening perfectly.  We then sewed the other end of the line to the cuff and below is the result...pretty ingenious for being up-cycled and I think that it is a toy that they will have so much fun playing with.

We are still working on decorating a doctor jacket and face shield...stay tuned for more pics to come.  TLF

Here is the final pic.  jacket finished with Doc "McGia" as well as on the stethoscope and a pretty butterfly on the face shield.  TFL.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hand made Christmas - Updated

My grandchildren are all at an age where they love to craft with grammy.  Christmas is coming so I have decided that this year, they are going to get a chance to make presents for their sisters and brother.  Each weekend one of my grand chileren get to spend the entire weekend and craft their presents for Christmas. This is teaching them so much I think.  It is teaching them that you don't have to buy something for it to be fun.  It is teaching them to recycle, to use products we already have on hand and it is teaching them to think about what makes their siblings happy, but most importantly it is teaching them to take pride in their work as well as learning to love the spirit of giving!
LOL not sure what she was doing with the mouth...trying to smile I guess lol...anyway, look for more kids crafts in the coming weeks.  My ten year old grandson is building a Doll house for his three sisters..he is having a blast finding things around the house that we can turn into barbie furniture. :)   I'll post pics as it progresses.

This is a cute, fat little owl that she made for her brother.  We got the idea from Ephemera Ink Blog.  I think he turned out great for her first try at it.

another barbie dress 

Pants and Midriff...this one made Gia giggle because Barbie's tummy was

They argued about who should get to stay first, so grammy put number 1 to 4 in a bowl and they drew for the order that they would get to stay first.  Gia, my 5 yr old grand daughter was first and she chose to make barbie clothes for her sisters...she only got one set done, but for a 5 year old and it being her first project, I think she did marvelous!  She did all the sewing, and the color designing, I cut the patterns out for her and pinned the hems so she could sew them, but she sewed every single stitch!   This is how they turned out. I am extremely proud of her!  tfl