Saturday, November 5, 2011

Crocheted Blanket

This is a Christmas present for my son. As each of my new grandchildren are born, I make them a special blanket as a keepsake. Last year my son asked me why I never made him a blanket, I told him that I did when he was little, to which he replied, "well I want one now that I am big" I thought he was joking and asked him if he was serious and he said, "yes, I am always getting yelled at in the winter by the kids because I steal thier blankets you made them because they are so warm" I just kinda laughed and said, "whatever" So I thought I would supprise him and make him is own "Big Boy" blanket for him to cuddle with...LOL anyway here is what I did for him.
The pattern was kind of fun and was done in granny squares, but in a very different way so that when sewn together, it appears to have dark and light diagonal strips from corner to corner.  I used 6 different colors in the blue family.  TFL

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  1. Kim, can you contact me? I'm having a problem ordering from the Design Store. Thanks! Gail