Friday, February 24, 2012

Bath Time Finger Paints

Two of my Grandchildren have birthdays tomorrow and I found this really neat idea for bath time finger paints that I have been wanting to try out.  What better reason than to be part of a birthday present! :)  The recipe was super simple all it takes is 1/3 cup of liquid soap, 1 tablespoon of  corn starch and a few drops of food coloring.  I used a clear shampoo instead of liquid soap and it turned out really well with some nice vivid colors.  Upon stirring it together, the mixture had a very gelatinous consistency and to be honest, I wanted to go play with it lol...guess I will have to wait to see how the kids like it! :)  I found these really cute lil containers with snap lids at the dollar store.  They came in a pack of three and miraculously held exactly 1/3 cup of the mix.  I thought about putting some cute vinyl embellishments on them, but thought it probably wouldn't last long in a bath!  TFL

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