Saturday, December 15, 2012

Kitchen Completed

Doll house is finished, and Coby and I finally got the kitchen done.  The bathroom pieces are in the oven baking as I write this... will blog about it after they are out, cooled and place in the bathroom.
We printed off a 3D stove and refrigerator onto some heavy yellow cardstock with black printing and placed them in the Kitchen.  We made the kitchen table from a bevel edged octagonal mirror glued (E6000) to a crystal candlestick for the base of the table.  It turned out quite pretty.  For the chairs, we used the ends of a wire hanger, snipped off and bent into the shape of a chair.  For the seat and chair back, we used heavy duty cardboard wrapped in white naugahyde. (fake leather)  They turned out so cute.  We liked the second pic because it caught the lights of our tree in the reflection.  Not may days left until Christmas, but I think we're going to make it!  TFL

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