Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Star Cookie Trees

Had my grand kids over for the weekend and we made these cute cookie trees!  These are the softest cookies ever!  You can find the recipe we used HERE (we tinted our dough a bright green). Since each tree takes 21 cookies, we tripled the batch.  I am sure this will be a new go to recipe in our home as they are super easy and just taste so good!  You don't want to roll them too thick either as they rise quite a bit!  The recipe called for a regular sugar cookie glaze, but we decided that cookies that soft and yummy needed a yummy cream cheese frosting to make them even more delectable...but we wanted our frosting to be a bit more Christmasy flavored, so we added 2 tsp of pumpkin pie spice and a tsp of orange flavoring.  I kid you not when I tell you that our frosting tastes just like the orange glaze that comes with the Orange Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls.  It's the kind of frosting that once it hits your mouth, you have that surreal moment when you just think you are in heaven! lol  The trees were made to be part of our Christmas dinner Centerpieces (of course they will be removed from the plates and placed among some greenery), We had a small amount of leftover dough, we made 40 miniature gingerbread men so the kids could sample their wares.  They were bite sized...and there were absolutely no gingerbread men left by the end of the day...they were THAT good!  TFL  and hope you are all having fun making memories with your little ones as well!

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