Friday, September 4, 2009

Snowmen Cards

Here are the cards I created for a snowman card swap on the Cricut MB.

I did the red and green "seasons greetings" cards first and so they aren't quite as embellished as the blue "thinking of you" cards. The Blue cards were my take on a card that I had seen on the web site of "Stamp with Heather" Her cards are adorable, but I wanted mine to be more snowish looking, so I opted for the blues instead of the primary colors she chose. Also her card is square and mine are rectangle, so I had to do things a bit differently. Anyway, I think that scrapping is all about making things your own! Enjoy


  1. Wow . . those are amazing . .
    I luv how creative you are . .

  2. Thanks Dave, crafting is my sanity outlet :)