Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wooden Initials

On a recent trip to Salt Lake, I got to stop into one of the Hobby Lobby's that I hear everyone on the cricut board talking about. I thought I was in heaven! (we don't have a hobby lobby in Idaho, and if we do, it isn't anywhere close to where I live) Anyway, I found these really cute, but very plain initials on sale there for half price. Well I thought this would be a nice gift to bring back to my grandkids. Upon my return I asked each of them what they wanted on their particular Initial. Coby chose bugs, Lylliana wanted butterflies, McKailee's room is done in horses, Gianna wanted flowers, I did boyish transportation for Riggin and a cute little teddybear holding flowers for Indika. They were so simple to do and will really go nicely in their rooms. I might add that they were pretty inexpensive to do as well.

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