Thursday, January 9, 2014

Waterless Snowglobes - Pic heavy

My Friend Jackie asked for my help in making her family some waterless snow globes from up-cycled containers.  I of course jumped at the chance since my daughter collects snow globes as well.  So, off we went in search of the perfect containers.  We must have hit at least a dozen second hand stores when we hit the jackpot at the Salvation Army store.  most of them were square glass or round apothecary type jars with lids, with the exception of one,

being an old glass cheese block with a wooden base that was perfect for the Victorian scene.  We used a very lacy white doily to complete the look.  Most of the people we got at the dollar store, along with trees, streetlamps and park benches.  The snow came from Joann's Fabrics and of the animals made by Schliech toys were all picked up at D & B.  The embellishments for the tops mostly came from Joann's fabrics and the dollar store as well. We used e6000 to seal the jar lids to the jars.  When it came time to do my daughter's I couldn't find any of the previous jars we used, but I did find an awesome glass cake cover with no bottom to it.  I thought maybe I could find a glass plate for the bottom and was looking around a second hand store when I spotted a few of the Glass turntables for a microwave oven. The turntable was a bit larger than the glass topper, and left a ledge that I wasn't sure what I was going to do with, when all of a sudden it hit me....A TRAIN!!!!  So I finished the inside and then added the tracks and trains to the outside of my little village, it turned into a whole city complete with Santa, carolers, the Christmas tree, houses, sledders and just people milling around.  I love how beautiful each and every one of them turned out.  All unique and catered to each receivers personal preferences in life.  What fun we had. Have a whole pic and a closeup of each.  TFL
 Brett and Amy's Farm
 Lark's Deer

Nevada and Al's Cat

 Joel & Andi's Wolf

 Jackie's Mom, Evelyn's Victorian scene

 Candy's Winter Scene
 The Entire Set together, minus My Daughter's
 Nikkii's Snow Globe.  Sorry, we were in a hurry that day and I took the pics of this before I cleaned up all of the glue strings, globs and strands. :)

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