Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas ornaments

I found a really neat site in Dec of 2012. but of course it was just after Christmas, so I waited a whole year to make these little ornaments.  They are made from paint sticks that you find at any hardware store.  I called  home depot and the sales associate told me that they are free up to ten, but I needed 50 of them!  Well she gave me my ten free ones which would have made plenty of ornaments but I really wanted to make one of each so I only paid 5 cents each for the other 40!  Very affordable!  Needless to say I got so busy with everything else in my life, I only got a set of 7 made.  The cool thing is that you get three of the ornaments from each paint stick and the part that is left over, makes the most adorable snowman ornament ever!  Love it when you can utilize every single part of whatever medium you are working with.  For the free downloadable templates and a complete tutorial on how to do this yourself, you can go to Today's Fabulous Finds.  I chose my own colors of paper and curled my wire hangers hanging a little silver bell on each of them and stained my wood a dark brown.  I had decided that I am going to do an entire set for my tree next year, but with maybe 50 of the 700 names that Jesus is referred to in the Bible.  I want to do them all on Gold glittery paper distressed with brown ink edgings.  Should be fun!  TFL
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