Thursday, January 9, 2014

Money/Giftcard holders

So every year my dad and my dad's girlfriend, Stella, each give the great grandkids $5.00 for Christmas, Typically they put them in an envelope with their names on it.  But this year Stella asked me if I could make something cute to put them in and hang on the tree or put under the tree.  She was thinking a cute little box...I was thinking my girlie girls love purses and I had seen a few around that were done with circle and other shaped die cuts, so I thought I bet I could make me one of my own to cut on my cricut so I set out to work, here are the results, since I have two grandson's as well, I was in need of a boyish item as well so I made a wallet, decked out with ribbon, sticky gems for a little Christmas sparkle, and some iridescent snow flakes to top it all off.  I used single sided paper, but if you want to have them double sided you can use single sided paper ang just cut twice flipping one over and glue together or purchase double sided paper. then just glue the money/giftcard holder in the center of the purse and you have a super cute little purse.  With the Wallet, just cut, fold and glue the tabs!  Pretty simple and I think they turned out pretty cute and both svg's can be found in my blog store.  TFL

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