Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pokemon Birthday Presents

My grandson called me on the phone a few days ago. His birthday is September 20th and so he had three requests from grandma...A new deck of Pokemon cards (bought), A pokemon t'shirt and some invitations...I knew I wouldn't have time to make 40 invitations and get them to him in time for him to give them out so we compromised. I bought his invitations with matching bags and had them shipped to him so they would be there in time and made the rest for him. He recently joined an official pokemon club that has tournaments, so this was what I came up with for him. The pikachu file is one of Mardenz and the other files came from Rachelle on the Sure Cuts Alot Forum. Thanks to both ladies for sharing thier files! TFL

Front of Coby's water bottle with his name done in the open face pokemon ttf

Kakuna on the other side of the water bottle, "kakuna" also done in open face pokemon ttf.
close up of Wartortle on the back of shirt
Close up of Pikachu on the front of the shirt
Back of shirt with Arias in solid Pokemon ttf

Front of shirt with "lets battle" done in solid Pokemon ttf