Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Got the Attitude Blog Award

Good Morning Everyone! I am super excited, and always humbled when I am selected as the recipient of a Blog Award.

This particular award was passed on to me by Stacy over at Love That Bug. Thanks so much for thinking of me Stacy! I truly appreciate it! If you haven't checked out Stacy's blog, you need to head over there, besides the "adorable monkeys", she has tons of tips, tutorials and videos to check out!

In order to accept this award and earn the bragging rights that my blog has "Tude", I must first tell you three things that make me and/or my blog different from others and then nominate 5 other blogs to recieve this 'tude filled award.

Here goes:

1. I have a PhD in Psychology, am a Certified Hypnotherapist and an Ordained Minister, but forget all those silly titles...what I really am is A CRAFTER, in every sense of the word, Crafter not only in healing Mind, Soul & Body, but a crafter of ART!!

2. I am pretty sure I was the first to figure out that you could stamp images and turn them into my favorite art medium...SVG'S FOR VINYL BABY!

3. I love sharing my work with others and seeing their individual perspectives on using a file that I created and the connections that are created because of this.

For my 5 choices of recipients, I chose to nominate the following because of the endless inspiration that they have provided to me and others! In no particular order, here are my choices:

1. Denise @ Paper Pastime

4. Kathy @ Smart Buy Gal


  1. Kim,
    You are so very welcome! Thanks for the nice comments, they are greatly appreciated.
    And wow at all that stuff in #1, there are alot of big words in there.. LOL

  2. You're welcome Stacy,I meant every word! As I said before...just silly titles (with the exception of OM, gotta give my props to God!) when compared to how I feel about crafting!