Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Weddings, Weddings Weddings!

Gosh, I feel like I have been gone forever!  My computer gave up the ghost and I am finally back!
So many things to post but to start off today I am posting some recent things that I have done for some weddings.
The first is as set of  cups that the bride gave to her wedding party as gifts.  Her colors were mint and yellow.  When I first heard it, I was thinking...hmmm, I'm not so sure...but I have to be honest, I love this color scheme together.

The next items I did as gifts for a friends wedding presents.  Just a simple plate and a set of wine glasses that said bride and groom on them.  Not sure why the plate looks so was actually crystal clear...maybe its my laptop reflecting on it ...anyway, I put green behind the second plate pic. to take care of the reflection glare. The plate was decorated for a Hawaiian themed wedding.  The flowers and flourishes are all done in light cream and the names and dates in white.

The last one was done as a result of the bride's mother falling in love with her daughter's wedding gift and asked me if I could do done very similar for her nephew's (the bride's cousin) wedding that was taking place in two weeks.  in case you can't read the second name it is Quyen, pronounced "Quinn"  TFL


  1. Hello Kim,
    LOVE your work so much!! You are such a talented lady!!
    For the beautiful plates, are they more for decoration, or can they actually eat off it and wash it? If so, do you give them directions somehow?
    Finally,if you are willing to share, I'd love to know where you find the plates. I'm asking because I would love to make these to give to three former students who are getting married within the next month. If you'd rather not, I completely understand.

    Thanks you so much for your time.
    P.S. Are you selling any of your designs yet? One of my greatest regrets is that I didn't buy anything from you when I first found out about you...I loved so many of them and couldn't decide what I wanted.

  2. Hi Kim,
    I did find the link to your store....I didn't look around when I first came here.