Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Crocheted Curtain Edging

A very good friend of mine had a beautiful shade tree in her front yard, that they recently had to remove, which provided lots of shade for her front porch deck.  After the removal of the tree, she found that too much sun shone directly into her living room in the early morning, so she had an idea to do some shabby chic curtains, but couldn't find the type of lace that she wanted.  I told her I could crochet the edging for her and so we set out to gather the materials we would need to do so.  She already had the white sheets that she intended to use and she decided to go with a more natural cotton twine.  This is the result of my crocheting the seven inch edging on to the curtains and her sewing the curtains to the length needed.  I think they turned out really quite nice, and she loved the finished look of them.  TFL

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  1. your lace trim on these curtains is stunning. mind sharing your pattern? thank you!