Sunday, February 3, 2013

A few more Monster High things

Got the sucker holders all done for the birthday and decided to do a trial run on the marshmallow nail polish treats to see how they were going to look, I think they turned out kinda cute, and the kids had fun eating the trial pieces, so I am sure the girls are going to love them at the party.  We also tie dyed a curtain, in pink and turquoise, today to hang as the backdrop for the photo shoot.  It's drying so I didn't get a picture of it yet.  TFL


  1. can you tell me exactly how you did the polish one please. I am going to do this for my little girl's party but I am a little confuse on how to do it

  2. Sure, no problem. First off I used large marshmallows, and mini tootsie rolls. I simply poked a hole with a sucker stick about half way into the marshmallow so that it had an opening. Then I inserted the tootsie rolls about half way down. Once this is done, I made a glaze recipe with powdered sugar, milk and vanilla. I put enough milk to make it a very thin consistency. I then colored the glaze with Neon food coloring...don't remember how many drops, but enough to have a vibrant color. I put this in a bowl that was deep enough to just dip the marshmallow in up to the tootsie rolls, on the side in two other bowls, I had sugar sprinkles in pink and blue. Once I dipped the marshmallows, I kinda shake off the excess and rolled them immediately in the sugar crystals and then put them on a sheet of wax paper to dry. Hope this helps you.