Saturday, September 25, 2010

Faux Metal Bracelet

Every year I have a tradition with my grandkids ages 2-8 where I keep them for the weekend sometime before Christmas. We bake cookies, make candies and gingerbread houses and of course we have to do something crafty so they have presents to take home to mommy and daddy! I was looking around today when I found this awesome faux metal bracelet. It is made with cardboard (I used heavy cardstock), glue, tin foil and a toothpick (I used an old pen with no ink in it) and paint, can you believe that??? It sounded so simple I just had to try it! This is how mine turned out! I added the crystal in the center of the star to give it a lil added extra bling! Can't wait to see how creative my lil ones will be when making thiers! Still on the hunt for a daddy present they can make! :) TFL and if you want directions you can find them here at

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