Monday, December 28, 2009

"Grammy's" Tradition

Each year, a few weeks before Christmas, I take all my grandchildren for a weekend together with Grammy. We traditionally bake and frost cookies for them to take home as well as they get to make a present for mommy and daddy. I also give them each a Christmas ornament so that by the time they are grown, they will have their own ornament collection to hang on their own trees. The weekend presents their mommies and daddies with plenty of time to go shopping and take care of whatever else they need to do in a kid free environment. I tell them that they cannot call their children on this particular weekend, because just like they need some "kid free" time, the kids need some "mommy and daddy free" time as well, plus this is my weekend to spoil them as much as I want! hehe. This year, I felt they were pretty much big enough to do some gingerbread houses. The results are below. We had a great time baking, frosting, decorating, playing in the snow, drinking hot chocolate and just spending time together. I love my grandkids!

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